Office and Study of Monsignor Charles J. Fahey
Aging, Long-term Care, Ethics & Religiously Sponsored Human Services


This is the beginning of a web presence designed to share the unique experiences and insights gained over the past forty-plus years, a period of rapid, tumultuous change creating challenges in public policy development, ethics, long-term care and faith-based human service delivery.

Msgr. Charles J. Fahey
Program Officer, Milbank Memorial Fund; Priest of the Diocese of Syracuse, NY, and Researcher, Loretto Institute for the Frail Elderly, Syracuse, NY, USA

Religious Identity : Religiously sponsored human service agencies have long been a part of the american scene. Public discussions seem to indicate a renewed commitment to faith-based organizations. However, a number of public policy developments tend to homogenize the culture of such agencies. For example, how can Catholic-sponsored educational, health and social service agencies at once serve the broader community with public support, and remain true to their historic vision and values?

Ethics and Long-term Care : The unprecedented growth in the number of people living into the latter part of the Third Age poses a number of new ethical issues for individuals, families, human service agencies and public policy.How can we identify and address these issues?

Difficult Decisions Under a Milbank grant, a group of us are exploring the feasibility of an algorithm/process for guiding the resolution of those "difficult decisions" confronting those in the long term care field. Click here